Hena Lo'i, Hena latu Huamual

Hena Lo'i,  Hena latu Huamual
lokki 1652

Sejarah Kerajaan Huamual harus diluruskan.

Banyak orang yang menulis ttg sejarah kerajaan huamual, banyak pendapat yg bertubrukan dan berdampak kepada pemutarbalikan sejarah dari yg sebenarnya.

Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010

Avalanche Shut Two House Residents in Small Hative BTN

Ambon August 12th, 2010
Due to heavy rain which flushed of Ambon City, Wednesday night,causing two home residents in small Hative BTN, District Baguala Ambon Bay, buried by landslides. Two ill-fated house is a family owned and Sahetapy Thomson Sinambela, which is precisely in block E, RT. 003/06. There were no fatalities in this incident, but losses are estimated to occur only in the tens of million of rupiah.

Thursday (12 / 8), this morning, said the landslide mud that accompanied this comes from the cliff behind the house. As a result, the kitchen was badly damaged two houses due to the reaction of the cliff. Even a result of this incident also, a large tub of water penampun located behind the two houses were also destroyed.According to some eyewitnesses, during the event, one child was almost buried by landslides Thomson Sinambela, but quickly evacuated surrounding residents. While the father Sahetapy who was alone in the house also briefly evacuated the surrounding neighbors.This morning, residents around the location of Small Hative BTN is being shoulder to shoulder to clear the debris lands in the second house.

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